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The OMBE community is a safe place for all and it's where like-minded surfers from all over the world come together, meet up and improve their surfing together. 

It is also a place to share your surfing and get feedback from the coaches and the community!

What's Included Within The Community

 INCLUDED  - Get Feedback on your surfing - post your questions & footage straight to the community and get feedback from the coaches and other members on how to improve your surfing.

 INCLUDED  - Meet other surfers, join local communities and events - use the inbuilt "Members Near You" tool or search for a local community where you'll find members looking to meet up, train together and surf! 

 INCLUDED  - Get Instant Access to The OMBE Method - This is a premium training program that will break down how to improve your surfing as well as giving you some quick wins! 

 INCLUDED  - Get early bird access to upcoming trips & events - make sure you secure your spot first before they go to the public.

 INCLUDED  - Watch all of the non-premium content ad-free - with over 200 videos, tutorials, podcasts, surf hacks live and vlogs.

 NOT INCLUDED  - Access to our Premium Surf Training Programs requires a full membership, with over 900 videos and 25 different training programs.

 NOT INCLUDED  - Access to the Live Feedback Sessions with the Coaches - every month we take your clips and do live video analysis, breaking down how you can best improve your surfing.

The OMBE Method

Get instant access to the full training program breaking down the journey of how to improve your surfing the easy way.

Meet Other Surfers & Join Local Events

Easily connect with a global community and find members near you or join a local community to meet up, surf and train with each other. Join events or start your own. 

Get Feedback On Your Surfing

The coaches and the community are there to guide you, offer feedback and help answer your questions. It's a safe space where like-minded people come together to all work on their surfing.

Train anywhere, anytime!

Stream content & access the community on your phone, tablet, & laptop, with progress synced between all devices.

Community Stories


Premium Membership

Training for every skill level and goal

Upgrade to premium membership and get access to the community and the full library of training programs. 

Start a follow-along training program based on your skill level or dive into training focused on individual manoeuvres.

and more included in premium membership...

Choose the Membership Level to suit your goals

Access the Content Ad-Free

Included with community membership: Stream all of our non-premium content Ad-Free.

A Huge Thanks

For the price of a coffee each month, a Community Membership helps support us & makes it possible for us to run this community and deliver our surf coaching.

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